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What makes us better than the box stores? Our plants! We carry specialties that you won't find in the mega-marts, and we know so much about them. Let us share it all with you and help you make your own little piece of the world a little more beautiful.

Heirloom Roses
Locally Native Plants

Tried and true and propagated from plants found on abandoned homesteads and old gravesites, these beauties are Texas-grown, own-root roses. Think roses are fussy and hard to grow? Think again. If you can grow grass, you can grow heirloom roses. Let us help you choose the ones that will work best in your garden.

Welcome birds and butterflies into your garden with hardy, locally-native plants. From species that provide nectar and larval food for butterflies, to trees and shrubs that provide shelter and food for birds, we can help you bring wildlife into even the most urban garden spaces.