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Events & Workshops

We have so many good things to share with you here at WildAugust. One of the best ways to tap into our resources is through workshops. Join us to learn more about flowers, gardening, cooking, and more!

Cut-flower Gardening 101

January 28, 2017  2-4pm $35 per person

Want to know a little more about how we do it? Interested in trying your hand at a cut-flower garden of your own? This is your workshop! We'll cover the basics of growing cut flowers, outline the best varieties for the Rio Grande Valley, and then make bouquets fresh out of the flower field. You'll leave with a better idea of how to grow your own flowers AND take home some seeds and fresh flowers of your own. This workshop must have at least 8 participants to make, and we'll cap it at 15. Don't wait; call us and sign up now!

Plant  a Spring Garden

February 25, 2017 2-4pm $25 per person

Fresh, home-grown produce is the best! Would you like to know how to grow your own? Let us show you! This workshop details the best fruit, vegetable, and herb plants to plant now. We'll share our favorite tips and tricks with you and send you on your way with plants, seeds, and a planting schedule for when to plant what in the Rio Grande Valley. This workshop must have at least 8 participants and we'll cap it at 15. Call us to register now!

Cooking with Herbs: A Dill, Rosemary, and Basil Bash

March 25, 2017 2-4pm $35

Cooking with fresh herbs adds a whole other level of goodness to meals. Join us as we create three fantastic recipes using dill, rosemary, and basil fresh out of the garden. You'll get to sample the food, and you'll leave with some herbs of your own to plant as well as the recipes featured in the workshop. This workshop must have at least 5 participants and we'll cap it at 10. Call us to sign up and save your spot today!